Welcome to my Emporium of Glassy Delights!
  Hi, I'm Glenn Godden, and I play with hot glass in the depths of the East Anglian (North Essex) countryside.
Here are a few of my creations, all of my glass is handmade by myself in my studio.

I hope you enjoy your visit here, there are lots of pictures of past work, you can see and buy some of my glass at www.steampunkglass.etsy.com

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Demonstrating as Guest Artist at Flame Off 2015 (Photo Courtesy of Bettina Hoeksel)


One of my galaxy marbles is in a movie! It will be in a film called 'Harmony: The five Frequencies (Part one)' It's even turned out (as a complete surprise to me) that it's also got a bit of a staring part too. If you check out http://thefivefrequencies.com/

I am not sure how much screen time the marble will get, but I'm obviously quite chuffed that it's got into the movie. It was back in summer 2016 when I was contacted by the director Corey Pearson, who picked out four marbles that I shipped over to Australia, not even sure if they would be used in filming. It is now being released on 4th October 2018 in Australia to being with.


I've finally got two helpers who are covering the long hours on the stall at Covent Garden so allowing me more time in the studio to make glass. I'm still trying out days but at present this means the stall is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays and Saturdays. Please do pop along and say 'Hi 'to Ellie and Pip who will have the same high quality glass pendants, pens and earrings, but without my ugly mug to scare you away! One of the advantages of the extra time this will give me is time to create new designs, and add more items online in my Etsy shop.

Glass eyeball fantasy creature


Most of work is available through my Etsy shop as I know there are a lot of loyal Etsy'ers who prefer to buy through there. If there is anything you like there, but don't want to go through setting up accounts to buy on there then please contact me, and I can sort something out for you.


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glass fantasy shell creaturenebula marble with opal planetglass necklace alien sea creaturevictorian internet flashing steampunk sculpture