These little pendants are blown with the same high quality borosilicate colour and clear glass that I use on my marbles and pendants to create unique wearable bottles. The top half I leave clear, and the bottom I use a variety of different colours - these are blown with coloured glass, and not just painted on like some cheap pendants.  Each comes with it's own tiny stopper, made with real cork, which can be removed for you to fill with anything that will fit inside! I'm constantly amazed and fascinated by the things people find a use for these, I've had one Live action role player (LARP) tell me he puts glitter in one to throw as a 'spell' during a game, ladies who use them as overnight perfume containers, for keepsakes such as hair locks, even one lady who uses one to carry a tiny gold nugget she discovered when trying goldpanning whilst on holiday of a lifetime in Australia!

Everyone is different, and I vary them from round to urn shapes, with one, two, even three and four handles. Some have straight handles, others 's' shaped, a simple loops, or multiple latice lines, and the colours can vary from clear to black! Here bellow is a small sample of just a few types I've made.