In the following galleries are some past designs, which I am not making at present. Often this has been due to manufacturers discontinuing useful bits I use in making them.


Although the Mach3 razors were very popular, and great as a 'blokes' gift' I was having problems getting the parts, and the major blade makers were constantly changing the systems to add more and more blades to their razors. Each time they did they made the previous systems obsolete, so rather than keep up with the latest 8 blade shaving systems I've now stopped making these.


 Shaving Brushes

This is one that I do hope to return to sometime in the future. Orginally I was using a metal part that allowed me to join the glass to the brush neatly, but once again I was foiled by the manufacturer discontining this useful bit of metal. I have tried a few totally glass versions, and when time allows I'll see if I can tweak this design and start making these again.


Little Cloudy Worlds

Out of all the things I've stopped making this is the one I'd most like to be able to re-create again! These evolved from very simple worlds into ones with tiny gold and silver leaf islands and continents, and swirls of clouds over the land and seas. I was just starting to experiment with adding polar icecaps to them too when I started having problems getting the glass I needed to make the cloudy effect causing almost every single one to fail or even break in the kiln. The makers of the glass finally stopped making it as they could no longer get the recipe to work. Despite trying many other brands and types I've not been able to get anything that produces the same effect. I did come up with some other interesting 'Alien worlds' which produced multi-coloured Jupiter type worlds, but even the best of these have had problems with the glass being unavailable for months and then being discontinued for 'technical reasons' and shortages of the rare minerals used in their production.  I am still keeping a lookout though for a glass to replace it!


 Bottle Stoppers

 I chose to stop making these because of changes to the chrome plated metal part I used to make these when they suddenly doubled in price at the same time the chrome plate was made thinner. This seemed like a good point to stop making them and make something new, but I can make them again on request.



I came across these neat little gold plated whistle parts, and it seemed like fun to put some glass on them. Now no longer made as I can no longer get the parts


Steampunk Valves

One of the things I started making first, orginally for my own designs and then for other peoples, however I soon got more interested in making other types of glass objects and jewellery. Doubtless one day I'll make some more, but I have so many projects I am not sure if I'm likely to make any more in the immediate future.