I no longer make shaving equipment, it was becoming increasingly difficult to get the parts for these, plus it became impossiable to keep up with the new blade systems that seemed to be introduced every few months! I may well return to shaving brushes in the future though, so do keep an eye on my Etsy shop for these.



Bellow are details and pircture of some of my past designs, back when razors only had two or three blades 


Shouldn't everyone be able to start the day with something special? Back in the Edwardian era shaving was elevated to an art form, with razors using the finest Sheffield steel, with handles made of ivory, horn, and even silver. The brushes came in many grades, and a vast range of lotions and colognes for the discerning gentleman.  Today we have huge technological advancements to make a smoother shave, but stuck on the end of a cheap piece of  mass-produced plastic!

 For those who like something a little more individual I produce razors with one-off glass handles, but with heads that take modern Mach3 triple razor cartridges! I hand form each handle, and no two are ever the same.

To make the handles I use a laboratory grade of  clear borosilicate glass ('Pyrex' is the original trade name for this type of glass) which would normally be made into test tubes and beakers! Into this I add high quality coloured borosilicate art glass to produce a variety of effects and colours. I entirely hand form these in the flame, producing several styles and shapes, from long thing elegant  bowed razors, to short stumpy ones, and even ones with metal finials for those who prefer more weight to their razors.

In addition to these I occasionally also have made shaving brushes with solid glass handles - again using borosilicate glass. These also vary enormously from ones that show off the amazing metallic colours that this glass produces, to others with glass jellyfishes inside making miniature aquatic scenes!   At present I am re-researching theses as some of the parts I used to make these are no longer made, so am not able to offer any for sale at the moment.

On the gallery page are some examples of razors that I have produced in the past.