So you want to learn to make marbles?

I do have many people asking if I teach, and this is something I'm hoping to be able to do more of over the next few years. However my current workshop is not open to the public for health and safety reasons, so I normally teach when invited to dedicated teaching studios. I usually teach intermediate marble making techniques to people with some previous lampworking experience, and always borosilcate glass. I know many of the UK's lampworkers, so if you are looking for lessons local to you do drop me an email if you are looking for beginners lessons in soft glass, and I can hopefully put you in touch with someone who can help get you started!


Demonstating at UK Flame Off 2015 - Photo courtesy of Bettina Hoeksel

If you do want a lesson with me, then drop me an email and I can always let you know when and where I'm next likely to turn up teaching. Likewise if you run a teaching studio, and really want a scruffy untidy lampworker to clutter up your studio, then also drop me an email!

I can be contacted at