If you are interested in anything I have made you can either contact me directly, at


To buy on-line I have an up to date selection of glass that I have ready to post available from my Etsy shop at;


Otherwise I am at Covent Garden's Apple Market on some Weekdays (Either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)  but please check my Facebook page or email me if coming from a long distance as I am not there every week. I can also be found that the HUGE London MCM Comic-con Expo in Docklands Excel centre in May and October.


The following shops also stock a small range of some of my glass;

In Sweden http://www.haxanshus.n.nu/  'The Witch House' is a shop specialising in handmade pagan and 'witch' related items, all of which have been carefully selected by the owner Linda, and stock a small range of my potion bottles and Teapot earrings

In Norfolk www.seahorsestudio.co.uk is a small gallery run by Helen Wright who features much of her handcrafted jewellery, and also stocks some of my potion bottle pendants and teapot earrings too.

In St. Ives Cornwall, www.lampworkbeads.co.uk also know as 'Red Hot Sal' is a shop specialising in lampwork art by Sally Carver, and keeps some of my larger silver blue silver fume drop pendants



And as always the best place to check out news will be my blog at;


And for the most up-to-date information at my FaceBook page at;





Many thanks for looking in!!!


Glenn Godden

  Member #G84

  For cool Steampunk clocks do checkout Bad Dog Designs  for some excellent clocks using old glowing nixie tubes, and features some of my glass parts in his designs

Also if you want your own 'Men-in-Black' Orions Belt Prop then you can contact Paul Elder who offers them in a range of materials from plastic to silver


 www.self-representing-artist.com/ has more information on this international group of fellow glass artists helping to promote independant lampworkers.


Other Groups

One of the best glass forums around is www.Frit-happens.co.uk who also have a helpful wiki site as well.


  Here are