Parts for strange machines......


It was while musing at my torch on many of the wonderful flights of Victorian and Edwardian fantasy, I wondered to myself what the inside of HG Wells time machine would have looked like? What would a Victorian Valve be like, especially if it ran on alternative Aetheric energy? (A strange form of energy developed in steampunk times instead of just the boring electricity we use now.) So after much experimenting, broken glass, cuts and bruises, I managed to start producing my own SteamPunk Valves!

All of them are handmade, (of course!), from the same top quality glass I use in my jewellery. Some I have made to be turned into beads and pendants, with holes for wires and fasteners, but some I have made completely solid or with clear portholes in the base. These are made for clever SteamPunk Artifactors and Constructors to aid to their own creations. With the clear portholes it's possible to shine a light (ideally from a cold light source such as an LED, as violent temperature differences risk causing the glass to crack) up through the porthole into the valve. This really brings the valve to life as it brings to glow!!! The glass is very dense so a lot of light is reflected inside, plus I often trail some coloured glass in the centre which adds to the ethereal magic as the colours suddenly show up as if the valve is powered by green, blue, red, or orange light glowing in the centre!

When not making lovely new pendants and marbles for my Etsy and Folksy shops, I am currently working on some 'sculptures' (or mad gadgets!) using some of these valves. Hopefully I shall be able to share some of them here soon!

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