Inspirations behind the glass

My most interesting glass work comes from my subconscious trying to reconcile my contrasting interests and experiences. I love the Victorian and Edwardian ethos of design, which layers patterns on functional objects, making them beautiful as well as useful however mundane they might be. I am also drawn to 1950's sci-fi imagery, with its sleek, solid lines and geometric designs. To my mind both eras are very similar - they were optimistic times. New discoveries were being made, new horizons being explored, all driven by mammoth machines that were launching mankind into a new age.

   Although I trained in electronic engineering, I also spent many years working with plants, tropical plants in particular, and I am fascinated by the incredible organic shapes that plants produce.

   Somewhere out of this mix the inspiration for my glasswork appears.



 I remember as a child seeing the creations of the local 'Glass Animal Man' and wondering, 'how do you get to learn how to do something like that?' That question remained in the back of my mind for years waiting for an answer. I went on to work with many different materials, even selling artists and restoration materials at one point. I have made everything from wooden jewellery boxes to top hats! But whatever I tried didn't feel quite right for me. However, when I finally tried glass work everything 'clicked' and I haven't looked back since. I take a 'Zen' view of glass; each piece has the opportunity to teach me something that will make the next piece following it better, and that next piece will also then have a lesson for the piece that will follow that. 

Next.... The Glass...!