I like making marbles!!!

Unlike most of the jewellery and beads which are made with  'soft' glass, all the marbles I make from 'hard' borosilicate glass. This is the same glass used to make 'Pyrex' (Pyrex is a brand name) laboratory beakers and oven dishes! It was only in the 1980's that coloured borosilicate was developed, and it's still half-science half-art to use the colours. Although tricky, there is something very satisfying about making marbles with these new materials.

I tend toward about 7 different styles; simple grouped flowers, single flowers, vortexes, nebula, galaxy spirals, planets, and spacescapes with planets. The first three have been around for a few years, but the last two I've been working on for sometime to produce my own style and take on 'space themed' marbles. I do also tend to prefer these micro-landscapes rather than some of the classical twists of primary colours that are found in traditional marbles. I want to do more than these with the exciting colours we now have to play with, plus I find something appealing about putting a minute landscape in such a small package; your own little universe in your pocket!

They are certainly not something mass produced either! I am always asked how long they take to make; they vary but on average 45 minutes to an hour for a very, very simple small flower marble, for the more complex galaxies and nebulas its much longer, with the ones wit planets inside being the hardest ones to make. Also small increases in size can really add a huge amount of time to get them into shape. And let's not even think about the rejects. I occasionally list a few in my Etsy shop, but mostly I save them up to take along to events (like MCM London, London Film & comic con, Astrofest) where people can see the 3D effects that pictures just don't do justice to.

Men In Black Orions Belt Marbles

For those of you making the 'Men-in-Black' Orions belt prop I do make some micromarbles too, which I list only in my Etsy shop. Because they are so tiny I cannot get such detailed effects inside them (afterall the film did use CGI to make a galaxy inside an 18mm marble!) so give the impression of a galaxy with a little sparkle. I do a range of sizes so please measure your space inside your kit before ordering so ensure it fits, as there seems to be some variation between the various 3D printed kits available.


One the menu on the left are two galleries; one showing some previous marbles I have made, plus a gallery showing a marble being made to show some of the stages involved.