Glassworkers have always made glass animals, but instead of make animals and plants that already exist, I've decided to make up my own! Based around sea creatures, microscope images of parasites and bugs, bits I've seen on real animals, and watching way too many 'B' sci-fi movies, I've come up with some of my own Alien Specimens!

I've mounted them all to look as though they are real scientfic specimens, even using real entomological pins! All the names do 'mean something' using latin, greek and so on, drawing on my knowledge of how plants are named. So 'astrumphasmatis coccinea mean's 'astrum'= star 'phasmatis'=spiral 'coccinea'= red so you get 'Red Star Spiral.'

Bellow are just a few samples of artworks that I have already produced in this series of works under either the guise of 'Alien Parasites and Pathogens' or 'Ancient Fauna & Flora of Mars.'

Keep an eye on the gallery and my Facebook page for more! There are more Alien lifeforms yet to be discovered!