Handmade glass by Glenn Godden

Handmade glass by Glenn Godden

Glass sculpted directly in the flame

Glenn Godden is a sculptor who specialises in working coloured borosilicate glass using a technique called ‘Lampworking’ where glass is directly shaped & manipulated in an oxygen/propane flame to create unique & diverse works ranging from jewellery to large complex sculptures. Borosilicate glass – often known by the ‘Pyrex’ trade-name – has a unique clarity making it ideal for highly complex ‘space-scapes’ inside solid glass. Real 3D effects inside are magnified & the optics create the illusion of depth & distance in marbles that can be held in the hand, complete universes the viewer can escape into.

A large range of jewellery, dip pens, marbles & other glass can be ordered directly at www.etsy.com/shop/steampunkglass and shipped worldwide or email glenn@steampunkglass.com

Why lampworking?

 “I choose lampworking for its directness in physically sculpting glass, with only simple tools which become extensions of my fingers as I move the hot glass . With slumping, casting & kiln forming techniques the molten glass is confined, there is little interaction when in its most exciting fluid state. Traditional hot shops have the drama, the molten glass is free, but this becomes a team effort with work having to be carefully planned out in advance.

With lampworking my only accomplice is the flame, a super-hot mix of propane & oxygen that I direct just where I need to change the glass. There is no need to explain, to convince others of the worth of my ideas before I start, or stick to a preplanned schedule; its just me, the glass, and what’s in my head – however crazy that might be. It is direct. I can change plans at an instant, or remake the same part over and over until its as it looks in my mind.”

Sculptural work.

With a high metal content borosilicate glass has a unique colour palette. Silver & gold can also be ‘fumed’ directly in the flame to directly create intense metallic lustres which are then permanently locked into the glass by wrapping clear over them. Fantasy, science, astronomy, and Sci-fi are themes most commonly explored

Space marbles

Using the unique optical properties of marbles to create the illusion of depth & distance, these pocket sized universes are a speciality. A galaxy marble was used in the Australian feature film ‘The five Frequencies’ and Glenn was invited to teach & demonstrate making them at the 2015 ‘Flame off’ alongside artists from Russia, USA & France to fellow lampworkers from across UK & Europe.

Jewellery, dip pens & gift items

An ever popular and very full range of items, ideal as gifts, available in the Etsy shop. These range from glass dip pens featuring silver lustre, jellyfish & flowers to 3D pendants with galaxy & nebula themes. The tough & lightweight nature if borosilicate glass make it the ideal glass for jewellery

Plasma Sculptures

Highly dramatic & experimental, hollow shaped vessels are blown then filled with rare noble gases which are energised by passing high voltages though them. This creates ribbons of light as the gases are ionized which move when the glass is approached or touched. The type of gases change the effects, with lightning effects from Krypton in ‘Storm Summoner’ to colourful oranges and pinks from Neon and Argon in ‘Electric squid’