Alien Fauna and Flora

My sculptural glasswork tends to follow several diverse themes, as I have so many different interests & I want to explore them all. From fun projects like snowglobes, alien lifeforms and my plasma work, I am also currently working on a more personal collection exploring mental health issues.

Up until 2016 I had an ongoing project ‘The ancient fauna and flora of Mars’ where I created possible lifeforms, in glass, that could have existed on an alien world. These I then mounted in box frames as though they were scientific specimens. I based them on microscopic & sea-life, reminding the viewer how rare & strange life on our own planet already is. Sadly alot of the photos of these were lost in a PC crash, so these are a few lo-res pictures that I’ve manged to save. Ironically just after I created the ‘bucket of eyes’ creature I had to undergo emergency eye surgery, which greatly reduced the amount of work I could do until 2019 when I finally had my last opperation. Although I’ve made a few since I’m now exploring new themes, although I suspect a few aliens will still appear as I ‘discover’ them!

Click any of the photos bellow to see a larger view

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